Cheap LLC Filing in California!

How to file your LLC cheap in CA!

California is a great place to live, vacation or even start a business. Think about it. California is the most populated state in the country with over 39 million citizens and more pouring in every year. The population is a diverse one too. You have every walk of life, religion, creed and point of view. with all those people and all that diversity there is a lot of opportunity.

Whatever you choose to do you need to make sure you do it right. So, you have spoken to your CPA and he recommends starting a CA LLC. Where do you start? The first thing you are going to need to do is file form CA LLC-1. That form is the articles of organization for a California LLC. The filing fee for that form is $75.00. Including the extra five bucks for the certified copy. When you send that form into the CA Secretary of State it is going to take them around 3 weeks to get it filed and get a copy back to you. Once it comes back its time to get your Federal EIN Number. What's a Federal EIN Number? Its kinda like the social security number for your new LLC. You're going to need it to pay federal taxes, apply for credit lines and open up your bank account. The way to do this is to fill out IRS form SS4. Fill it out and send it in to the IRS or you can even do it online if you want which we recommend because it is WAY faster that way. Once you get that number you are ready for business! Do your thing and get paid!

So having said all this regarding the sunshine state; California is a great place to file your LLC. Just as long as you do things the right way and speak to a trusted tax professional both before you file and afterward to minimize your tax liability.

Or, if you don't feel like dealing with all of that fun just go to www, We'll get you filed in CA starting at $123.00 out the door including your Secretary of State's fees! Good luck guys!!!


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