Summer Time LLC Filing

Filing an LLC in the Summer is The Best!!!!!

So, the kids are out of school! Yes! No more endless homework or projects to ruin your already busy life. What will you do with your extra time? Start a business right? Why not? Mom always said you could bake! Well if that is on your to do list for the summer you are in luck. Summer is THE slowest season for your local Secretary of State's office. What does that mean for you? Record fast filing times! States like, California or North Carolina that typically take about two to thee weeks are currently taking about 1 week and a half. You can count on about a 25% reduction on the time it takes your LLC or corporation to come back filed.

On the other hand the state of Florida is experiencing a delay. Normally with our expedite package we can have a Florida LLC filed and in your email box in about two days. As of this post it is taking about 11 days for filing. Yikes right? Then again you have New Jersey and Virginia. These states and a few others we can have your LLC filed and in your email box in a little over an hour!

So, if starting a business is part of your plan this summer, give it a go and we get you set up cheap and fast!!


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